About the future muse

Hello and welcome to the Future Muse!

The Future Muse was created in November 2018 with the purpose of sharing information and experiences surrounding the music business. The goal is to help musicians (and others) in the music industry carve out their unique space in the varied yet competitive artistic landscape.

Articles on the Future Muse range from educational articles about the music to the latest audio gear and tech.

A bit about me…

About the future muse

My name is Caleb Jones or Caleb Vaughn-Jones as I am professionally known. I am not one of those narcissists who didn’t like their birth name and changed it for aesthetic reasons. Instead, I have a professional/stage name for legal reasons.

About the future muse
“Step Up” (2006)

In 2007, I appeared in the last scene of a movie called “Step Up” as a musician. At that point, I was the only Caleb Jones in the world of film and TV. So on IMDB, it was simply Caleb Jones as the musician in Step Up.

However, a few months later another movie called “No Country for Old Men” was released. This film featured another Caleb Jones in its last scene.

Because I was the first Caleb Jones on IMDB, I was getting credits for his work on IMDB and also received a small royalty payment for his work from ASCAP.

At this point, I decided to change my professional name to avoid legal trouble. This is how Caleb Vaughn-Jones was born, HAHA. Vaughn is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name and I just tagged it on to my legal last name. “Vaughn-Jones”. Done.

As for the other Caleb Jones, he is now professionally known as Caleb Landry Jones. He’s both an accomplished actor and musician.

Other interesting things about me…I am a cellist, originally from South Carolina and I regularly tour in classical music ensembles and as a soloist. From February 2011 until February 2020 I lived in South Africa. I now live in Los Angeles, CA.

I have recorded for video games and film, both small and large scale titles, including Lion King (2019) and Leprechaun Returns (2018). I am also the Founder of Regulus Sound Productions where we have produced recordings for video games and film.

I hope you find the articles useful, entertaining, and informative.

For more info about my music career and concert schedule, visit calebvaughnjones.com

Thanks for reading!

Some of my work…

Civilization V (2010 video game) Credit: Solo Cello
Civilization V: Brave New World (2013 video game) Credit: Choir producer
Mandharam (2018 Bollywood film) Credit: String Arranger, cellist
Civilization VI (2016) Credit: Audio engineer, arranger, acoustic bass, mbira
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