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Delegate: Learning how to get more done with teamwork


Here’s another behind the scenes look at what I am up to these days. Between practicing, recording, composing, producing a sample library, and blogging things can get crazy! Learning to delegate tasks has been essential in my work over the past year. Here’s what I’ve learned…

Delegate tasks to the right people

In Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0, Jim Collins talks about the importance of finding the right “who” for your business.

This is interesting because most leaders focus on finding the “right idea” or “what”. Then they look for just about anyone who can help them achieve their goals.

However, Jim Collins suggests that finding the right person(s) will help you develop an amazing “what”. Start with great people and great ideas will be inevitable.

Finding the right people = success

With the recent development of the Magnetar Cello Sample Library, the best ideas came from my team and not from me. Sebastian and Ted have extraordinary minds and helped to initiate amazing features of the Kontakt library such as a 4-band EQ and a randomizer button!

Without them, none of that would have come about. Nope.

Delegate tasks: Determining when delegating is necessary

Figuring out when enough is enough can be tricky. Delegating areas of your work often costs money. It also comes with the responsibility of “managing people”, which is a term I don’t like.

3 Criteria used to determine if a task should be delegated:

  • Task takes more than an hour
  • Reoccurring task
  • The task falls outside of your area of expertise

Generally speaking, I do not design logos, script advanced code, nor anything to do with marketing. These all fall outside of my areas of expertise.

However, if needed I can design a webpage or create a cool, yet simple design in Canva.

Where to find the right people

It’s never been easier to hire great talent online. It’s also never been easier to find mediocre talent.

If you’re not careful, you will find yourself struggling with incompetent hires. Even worse, you’ll be wasting your hard earned money.

I’ve broken down my favorite places to find different types of talent.



My very first hire was on Fiverr. The Israeli-based company has grown very fast over the past few years.

I typically hire logo designers on Fiverr. However, I have also hired a blog writer, audio editors, someone to transcribe meeting minutes, and of course a Kontakt library script programmer.



Upwork is great for hiring talent for projects that lasts from 6 months to a year. My company has hired our UI/UX designer here.

Most of these jobs posted here are at an hourly rate. However, the option to hire at a flat/fixed rate is possible as well.

Upwork has a great hourly tracking so you independent contractors can track their tasks for later review.

Zip Recruiter


I recently used Zip Recruiter “The Smartest Way to Hire” to hire a web designer.

Zip Recruiter helps you find qualified candidates in a very short amount of time.

However, this requires that you write a clear job description, hourly rate/project fee, and project duration.

Though not required, I highly recommend that you conduct Skype/Zoom interviews with your top candidates.

Things like work ethic, self-motivation, problem-solving, etc. are extremely important for independent contractors who will be working remotely.

Virtual Staff Finder


If you’re looking for a sidekick on your team, you need to hire a virtual assistant.

I recently used Virtual Staff Finder to hire a Social Media Manager. A project manager at virtual staff finder helped me complete a job description and then a week later they had 3 of the top candidates for me!

Virtual Staff Finder they provided me with each candidates language proficiency test results, typing proficiency, Tony Robbins DISC & Motivators Report, written recommendations from previous employers, and voice message from each candidate explaining why they are best suited for the position.

WOW! I was blown away.

After this, you simply need to tell the project manager what day and time is best for the Skype interviews.

Once this is complete, it becomes quite easy to choose the best candidate for the job that fits the culture of your business and/or organization.

Virtual assistants can be a huge asset to a startup company that needs to delegate tasks on a regular basis.

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