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FREE African Percussion Kontakt Library by Impact Soundworks

FREE African Percussion Kontakt

Impact Soundworks has released a FREE African percussion Kontakt library called Heritage Percussion. (FULL KONTAKT 6.5+ REQUIRED )

This Kontakt library features excellent audio samples of 13 hand percussion instruments. Included is djembe, rattles, claves, and shakers.

The djembe has samples of open, muted, and rim strikes.

The sound is detailed and extremely musical. The samples have been captured with up to 5 dynamics and 10 round robins.

The two mic positions have been set to separate channels which the user can mix separately. This can be great for creating realistic room sounds and reverbs.

Heritage Percussion

FREE African Percussion Kontakt Library
Heritage Percussion: A FREE African Percussion Kontakt Library (FULL KONTAKT 6.5+ REQUIRED)

Walkthrough Video

Audio Samples

Additional Features

Custom mapping

Users can customize the mapping of instruments to suit their production needs. This can be done by clicking the keyboard icon on the main page of the UI and then setting the articulations to the keys of their choice.

Tone and Envelope

Users can adjust the tone and envelop of the samples to achieve the customized performance. The envelope of the volume and pitch can be adjusted separately.

Updated Console FX Rack and Mixer

FREE African Percussion Kontakt

If you’ve used Impact Soundworks libraries, you’ll know there is a built-in mixer for their sample libraries. Heritage Percussion is no exception.

In fact, the FX rack has been updated to include the popular Replika delay, reverbs, and compression.

You can complete your mix these samples without the need for external plugins!

  1. Chris C

    Ok. I see now that the $5 is a donation to cover your download costs. I had to click around to find that, however.

  2. Chris C

    So, I already have an account (because I am an existing customer).

    When I login, and select the free library, it says it’s $5 (or 4 Euros). Actually, all of the free libraries are showing $5 now.

    It’s probably worth it, but that’s not free. Is there coupon listed somewhere that I didn’t catch?

  3. Carl Caulkett

    Unable to download on macOS using either Safari or Firefox. Clicking on the “Download Heritage Percussion” link just results in the same page being opened again.

    1. Caleb Vaughn-Jones

      Hey Carl,

      In order to download the library, you need to also have Pulse Downloader which you can download for free at http://www.pulsedownloader.com. Once Pulse is installed on your computer system, you will need to login/create a free account, then enter your product license number from Impact Soundworks.

      I hope this helps!


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